Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothing but a dreamer

I think roller derby really is on my brain because last Wednesday night I had bit of a weird dream involving my two favourite skaters. In my dream I was training with Cherry and Godjilla on an indoor basketball court while some blokes were shooting hoops around us. I remember I was really happy in my dream because I got to train with both of them. One day I'll be on the same track as them and it'll be epic :)

I wanted to apologise about my last post, I let my frustration get the better of me and it spilled out onto here. I so badly want to finally pass my Corporal/white star test this time that I was more focussed on what I couldn't do than what I could do. It's funny I've had people tell me at training that my skating has improved but I haven't really noticed that much change because all I've done is shift my Skatel mentality to training.

Friday training was pretty interesting. Us freshies were practising weaving. This is one thing I'm good at because my huge arse helps make it easier to swing around. To make it more difficult we eventually used people instead of cones to weave around. This actually required better technique as the people were closer and taller so it made it more difficult to weave around. As a joke Sarah suggested I nudge Liz as I went around here. There's a massive difference in size between Liz and I. I could probably hurt her without putting too much into a hit so I didn't put anything into the hit and she almost went flying, the second tap sent her back a few steps, sorry Liz :D Afterwards the more experienced skaters got to try and knock down each other while us freshies got to be obstacles on the track. I would have had my arse handed to me but I really wanted to join in. Whether it's confidence or stupidity (probably the second one) I'm not getting any fear in my head when I think about doing the hitting practise, I just want to do it :) I felt like Scrappy Doo, you know the annoying little nephew of Scooby Doo who would take on people twice his size in battles he had no right being involved in.

No Skatel for me last weekend instead I went to try on bridesmaids dresses. The story is one of my sister's is getting married next year so Ness and I will be bridesmaid's. I'm a massive tomboy and the last time I wore a dress was for my year 12 formal in 2000 when my mum forced me to wear one. I was so out of my element. I spent 1/2 hour sweating, trying to squeeze into dresses, having to adjust my boobs so the dresses would fit properly. I tell you I got more of a workout in that 1/2 hour than I do at roller derby training :P Some of my so called team mates have already started giving me stick about wearing a dress with threats of having pics of me in a dress as their profiles pics on Facebook. With team mates like that who needs enemies :P

Sunday training was bit of a mixed bag. I still suck at the things I can't do, I did well at the things I can do. Dicey let me try her Hyper Shaman wheels. They were great to skate on, a nice smooth roll, pretty responsive and no squeaking like my Interceptors yay! For part of the training we were skating around in groups of three. I was with Jeremy and Lynda. We skated well as a group, we nailed all the different exercises we were given. I noticed my skating around the bends improved in both directions. I was gunning the corners instead of slowing down too much. I thought I'd try and sneak into the Corporal/Sargaents group when they were doing their scrimmage/hitting work but I got busted by Cherry and sent to the other track. Maybe next time I'll wear a black coloured shirt and blend in with the rest of them as my red Liverpool shirts tend to stick out in a crowd :) I was pushing myself on the other track trying to do crossovers when I felt that all too familiar pain in my right ankle. Trying to delude myself I went around the track a couple more times but I knew I did something to my ankle again. I went off and iced it for the rest of the session. After all these injuries and setbacks in the space of seven months I think I'm all cried out so I sat there with a defeated look on my face.

I have a shocking history of being a bottler but roller derby is the first thing in years that I've not quit. It's something that I want to do real badly. I've surprised myself so far, with all the setbacks I've had with roller derby I still manage to pick myself up and come back for more. Perhaps I've got more of a fighting spirit and stubborness than I give myself credit for. Maybe because my star sign is libra and I always look at both sides of an arguement but it was the first time I've seriously wondered whether I was made to do roller derby. The hunger to do it is definately there but perhaps my body isn't. I don't want to quit but maybe it's out of my hands. Cherry said she had continual problems with her knee when she started, she stuck with it and now she's an absolute monster on the track, so maybe there's some hope for me yet. I tried making light of the situation by posting this pic on my Facebook (sums it all up really hehe)

Suzie is totally busting my arse during our PT sessions at the gym and I love it :) Last week it was all about weights and balancing and it was stuff that was derby related. I remember when we were going through all the exercises I was thinking this particular exercise would be good for can openers, this one would be good for single knee falls etc. Suzie has set me some short term goals which I'm trying to achieve. I've also set one for myself. I bought myself a stack of shirts from one of my favourite online stores 80s tees but they're all a size smaller than what I wear. Once I lose enough weight so that they fit properly on me without looking like they were painted on me I'll be rewarded with some cool shirts to wear :)

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