Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

The ligaments in my right knee still haven't recovered so I went to watch my team mates train last Friday. It really is great watching my team mates give it their all and see them improve with each session, I find it inspires me to continue to work harder. As I watching them train a group of girls went on the other court and started playing indoor soccer and I was itching to go and play with them but then it all hit me like a tonne of bricks. I wanted to get back into playing football and the training and games wouldn't have clashed with derby but my knees are too wrecked to withstand playing competitive again and it hurts to admit that I can't play anymore although I suppose some people probably think I shouldn't do derby either because of what they do to my ankles and knees but I'm not ready to say goodbye to my derby dream yet.

I'm all about trying to improve my game on the track so when my team mate Sharni took pics at training the session I ended up getting injured I did look back on them to analyse the ones of me to see what I'm doing wrong so that I can fix it. Spot the errors (I'm the one in the white shirt)

The ones I picked up were: I STILL bloody skate with my knees pointed in, I don't squat down enough instead I just bend my upper body over, I go in for a hit with my shoulder instead of leading in with my hip. So basically I can't hit for shit on skates yet lol! If anyone sees anything else wrong let me know I'm always looking to improve.

Last Sunday I went up to Newcastle to cover their fresh meat info day for RDAU and to catch up with some of my friend's. I had a great time up there and met some more people, there was just one tiny little detail that stopped it from being a perfect day out. When I got in touch with NRDL a few weeks ago (before I injured my knee) about doing a write up on the day they said I could stay and train with them once the info session was over. Holy, freaking hell talk about a derby dream come true for me. Only problem was my knee hadn't recovered in time so that killed that dream BUT the offer is still open so I can go and train with them one day when I'm back on my skates so that's really cool! I know I may have mentioned Jilla possibly one or two hundred times on this blog already but there's other amazing skaters up there like Booga, Dino La Rogue, Brigand Strong, Belt'er Goodrem just to name a few so to learn from them would an amazing learning experience for me.

As for the write up here it is. I joked on my Facebook profile that considering most of the write up's I've done to date involve NRDL that I wondered whether I became their unofficial writer then Big Kahuna from VLD and South Side Derby Dolls completely surprised me when he said he hoped I'd be their unofficial writer when they start bouting so that was a huge honour considering I skate with another league.

Just like real life I've come across some dickheads in roller derby but thankfully they're in the minority. I've met lots of amazing and inspiring people, one in particular is Cahlee aka Beth LeHell from NRDL. She's got a blog which I'm recommending everyone on here read it too. The courage she shows in being able to not just write about it but put it out there on the internet is just amazing. I'm so happy for her and the progress she's making. It's all here. 

Lastly at HARD we're having a fresh meat info session. If you're curious about the sport, want to join etc then come, it'll be fun! Here's the details.

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