Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Houston we have a problem

So my ankles are still feeling good when I skate although I'm getting a pain in my right foot when I skate now but I think that's because I've tried fixing my skating technique so I'm engaging different muscles for the first time. The only major concern I have now is dealing with knee problems. I know being a fat arse doesn't help with putting extra pressure on my knees and I've made changes in my lifestyle so I can shed the extra kilos but the truth is I screwed my knees long before I piled the weight on. My knee problems started when I used to play football (soccer) a few of my teams mates decided that we would do the whole knee sliding celebration if we scored. Well we scored and when I slid on my knees I felt the most intense pain in both my knees that I couldn't get up for a few seconds because they were hurting so much. Stupid me thought maybe I did it incorrectly the first time so when we scored again I slid on my knees and felt the same pain all over again. As a result my knees make clicking sounds when I move them and sometimes they're sore for days. I'm currently experiencing soreness in my right knee so I've decided to go back to the physio who fixed up my ankles and see if there's a way to maintain them so that my knees don't get worse in the future. There is that fear in the back of my head that she's going to turn around and say that my knees are too screwed to continue doing derby but I'd rather deal with the situation now so that I don't have such a stop/start year this year.

A few posts ago I mentioned my new found derby friend BioniKate was doing interviews with skaters around the world. Not only were the interviews going up on her blog but they were also doing up on Derbylife's website. Don't believe me here's the proof ;) So if you would like to be world famous hehe check out Kate's blog for all the info and while you're at it check out her other posts, it's a good read. Also we're doing bit of a derby shirt exchange she's sending me a Nashville Roller Girls shirt and I'm sending her a HARD shirt, nothing like sharing a bit of derby love :)

I had my first write up for RDAU and it was on a a topic I know all too well about injuries!!! I got some good feedback from it which was encouraging. Hopefully it's the first of many. If anyone has any topics they would like to see discussed, drop us a line and I'm sure one of us will be able to tackle the issue.

Some dates are starting to pop up for intra league bouts - FINALLY! haha One bout I'm looking forward to going to is the season opener between NRDL's Fort Smashleys and the Harbour Hellcats. Whether I cover the bout for RDAU or do a review on my blog I'll be covering it regardless while cheering on the Smashleys! I can't wait :D

I hear Cherry's planning on taking us through hitting and blocking training on Friday night. Dear knee injury please heal by Friday night, pretty please with a cherry on top! I want to start learning how to hit and block on skates. I may as well start living up to my derby name :)

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