Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yesterday was (hopefully the first of many) OMGWTFBBQ co-hosted by Viva La Derby, Grand Slam TV and Roller Derby AU otherwise known as Team Media to say thanks to the derby community for their support last year and to kick start the derby calendar this year. Special mention goes to Derby Skates and Ghost Points who both made huge contributions towards the event which made it all the more a huge success so a big thanks to both of you :)

The BBQ was open to every man and his dog (quite literally someone did turn up with a dog which got lots of attention!) and despite the initial rain there was still a great turn out with people coming out from as far as Newcastle, Wollongong and even Orange. Throw a derby get together and they will come rain, hail or shine! It was a great sight watching everyone walk up the hill to congregate under the shelter armed with eskys and food. There was lots of mingling and it felt like one big derby reunion.

Grand Slam TV did some interviews on the day and one of them was with Roller Derby AU. Since I'm now part of RDAU I got asked to participate in the interview. I'm not proud to say it but I turned to jelly while having nightmare flashbacks of having to get up to the front of the class and do speeches back at school. I never imagined I'd be interviewed on a show that I've watched numerous times (and if you haven't watched it already, do so RIGHT now because you're missing out big time). I apologise in advance for my bit of the interview everything from my stance to the way I talked was all down to nerves, I'm not usually like that. I was kicking myself afterwards hoping I could have done it again. At least then I could have let it sink in that I was going to be interviewed and I wouldn't have been so crap! 

Nothing says fun like Slip 'n slide and thanks to Noms from VLD there was one there on the day. Considering the falls we take playing derby is it any surprise that there was no shortage of participants when it came to taking on this slip 'n slide which was going down a hill and was lathered with bubble bath? There was no shortage of laughs as people had varied success taking it on and no doubt there will be some great pictures. 

Whenever there's a derby related event on, a raffle is never too far behind as was the case here. The tickets were selling like hotcakes and it was no surprise when you saw what the prizes on offer were like the extremely rare Ghost Points Team Australia trucker hat (only one of four in existance). A massive thanks goes out to all the leagues and derby businesses that donated prizes to the raffle. It was a huge success! I won a prize and picked out the South Side Derby Dolls shirt which hasn't even been made available to the public yet so this was the temporary prize I got given  :D

GSTV provided rope for a game of tug and war. The rules were teams of three with each person coming from a different league to give people a chance to meet new people. I was with Noms and Womb Raider and we took on a team of Team Zebra I think it was. It got off to the funniest start when we pulled the rope and it snapped right in the middle leaving both sides tumbling everywhere haha. After Scott fixed it back up it was round two and after an initial struggle we beat the boys :D There were all sorts of challenges skaters vs Team Zebra, GSTV vs Ghostpoints, VLD vs RDAU, kids taking on each other and one on one challenges. There was lots of falls and people being dragged along the along the ground. It was great fun to watch and participate in. I actually challenged GodJilla to a duel and being a good sport she took me up on the offer. So it was fan girl vs favourite skater and after being an even contest Jilla slipped and I eventually won which resulted in big grins and a handshake. In delusions of grandeur if I can get Jilla on her arse again this time on a derby track I'll be pretty happy haha. Love ya Jilla!

The rest of the afternoon was really catching up with people and chillaxing and was a nice way to finish the day. Team Media considered the day a success and there was excellent feedback from those that turned up. There was talk amongst us about organising more of these events in the future. There are murmurings about possibly having one at The Great Southern Slam which would be massive. It was great just being involved and seeing everything go off without a hitch. I had a great time.

I ended up being given cool stuff like the ones in the picture below. The Team Australia one came with a beer in it thanks to Ghost Points. I put the beer to good use!

I'm also in the possession of an item that money can't buy. These shirts were already rare and it was thanks to Wayne at Derby Skates who made them for Team Media but I got all the Team Media guys to sign it too. This is going with my signed Fort Smashleys shirt.

Overall it was a great day out. I hope to do it again some time :)

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