Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Far out its been a while since my last post (maybe that's a good thing I hear you say!). I've still been training but I got hit with the flu which I'm still getting over so I haven't been training for over a week now, hopefully I'll be back on the track this Friday night.

I thought I'd take the time to analyse where I'm currently at and what I've got planned in the near future. Overall my progress is going way too slow and it's all because of fear. I still haven't attempted to do things like jumps, I can't do crossovers, I haven't attempted four point falls etc etc and the list goes on. After the stacks and injuries I had in quick succession I've been too scared to try new things which is all the more ridiculous given the fact that horror movies don't scare me so this shouldn't be scaring me. It's pissing me off that I can't get out of this rut and until I fix it I won't be progressing, it's a vicious circle I tell ya. I think I need to actually think less and just let go and see what happens.  The Corporal (white star) tests will be coming up soon. I don't believe I'll pass on first go but I'll still do it and see what I can pass and what I need to work on.

Normally when I've been stuck on the sidelines I'll get angry that I'm not skating but lately I've used it to learn especially when Haterade from Sydney Roller Derby League came out to train us last Sunday night. She got the guys doing so many cool things for the first time that I really want to try to do them. The other great thing was seeing my team mates push themselves past their limits, they should all be proud of what they achieved not just that night but also our other training sessions you can't help but be inspired.

It hasn't all been negativity I've managed to improve my skating and awareness of skaters around me which is down to the Saturday morning sessions at Skatel with Cherry and Leo. Cherry often carves in front of me so that's helped getting used to having someone cut in front of me and get in my personal space. I can't wait until I start paying her back :) Leo and I have developed an ongoing cat and mouse game at Skatel and training. He would grab my calf as he skated past, I used to let it go until I started to retaliate, just as he about to skate past me I put a stiff arm out and clocked him in the chest :) As a result now I always keep a look out to see where he is, he hardly gets me now because I spot him first. The times he does get me I now attempt to chase him around the track, I can't catch him yet but I've got the confidence to skate faster. The other cool thing about these cat and mouse games is that although my competitive nature comes out and I don't want to let him win I'm having fun so it makes it all the more enjoyable which in turn helps me improve faster.  

Before I came down with the flu a group of us attempted a marathon skating session at Skatel on the Anzac public holiday. I lasted from 10am - 2:30pm. I had breaks in between but I skated until my legs gave up. I know I can push myself which will serve me well in derby. Also before the flu I finally got into a routine with exercise and weight management, it was actually working and I was beginning to lose weight. It has been derailed with the flu but I'm eager to get back on track again. I'm actually going to set up a proper exercise plan and try and stick to it to get some results not only for derby but also for the fact that I'm going to have to wear a dress to my sister's wedding next year (the things you do for the people you love!). I've actually found some tips from a great roller derby related fitness blog by Hard Knox check it out it's well worth the read.

I've been reading up on the roller derby rules and one of my team mates recorded the Team Unicorn vs WSR bout last Saturday so I've been using that to get a better understanding of the rules and seeing tactics and formations unfold so it has been educational.

Overall there is room improvement but I'm not a lost cause yet :)

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