Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going backwards (in a good way)

While the never ending injury saga with my ankle continues I've been lucky enough to get some advice from team mates and skaters from other leagues over the last few weeks. Taking Cheya's advice I decided to try and skate with my ankles strapped instead of wearing the ankle guards at training last Friday night. I quickly discovered that I've become over reliant on the ankle guards, my ankles were all over the shop without the guards on. It honestly felt like I was learning how to skate again for the first time. I took it easy while I tried getting the hang of skating again without the guards. We just started endurance when a few minutes in that unmistakable pain in my ankle struck again. I was fuming inside and it was that anger that got me to finish the endurance even though common sense says I should have gone straight off when I first felt the pain in my ankle. Mick came over to see how I was and offered some good advice. I swear this sport really gets to me. I hardly ever cry but ever since I've started roller derby I've cried or been on the verge of crying more than I have in my entire lifetime. Before I started bawling my eyes out in front of everyone, I took my derby gear off, grabbed my ipod and headed outside. On my way out I think someone asked me if I was ok but I can't even remember my reply now. Sitting on the curb outside and listening to Silverstein I was trying to get all the negative thoughts and feelings out of my system.

I had a chat with Cherry later that night to see what I could do about this never-ending injury scenario. I settled on taking it easy while at training by skating by myself and not focussing too much on the skills side of it while working on strengthening my ankles in my own time. I was more than happy to do that it beat sitting down at training and not doing anything. I was sick of constantly losing whatever momentum I'd gain when I get injured. On Sunday I joined the Sergeants and Lieutenants for their 20 minute endurance. It was the first time I attempted to skate for that long. I tried staying out their way and hugged the inside line for the entire time. I was skating as if I was going for a Sunday drive because I didn't want to cause any further injury. I got around 51 laps give or take a few because I think I doubled up on some of the laps. I thought that was ok considering I wasn't pushing myself. I know I could better than that if I really tried. The muscle above my left knee was burning by the end of it though, you probably could have fried an egg of it :) I was happy by the end of it, although I couldn't do the skill work the freshies were doing on the other court at the time, it allowed me to work on skating properly without ankle guards and improve my fitness levels so it's helping me in that regard. As for off skates training, I knew what to expect and yep it still sucks, but I know it's an important part in becoming a good derby player. Afterwards while off skates, Mon was skating near me so I got into a derby stance pretending I was going to hit her, she took the bait and skated towards me to hit me. I thought since she had all the momentum I was going to go flying when she hit me instead she landed on her arse after we collided while I stood my ground, sorry wifey :D I know I can't do all this 'fun' stuff at training while I'm still a Private so I think I need some willing partcipants to go with me to Skatel so that I can do all this hitting and carving practise so that it's out of my system when training comes around and I'm not a whinghing, pain in the arse because I have to be an obstacle on the track instead of being allowed to join in the game with them. Anyone want to offer :P

I knew from the very first time I put on roller skates that roller derby wasn't going to be an easy sport but sometimes it feels as though it's taking the piss with the never-ending injury issues. It sometimes feels as though it's testing my resolve by chipping away at it with each setback until I eventually give up and walk away. That's how I feel at my lowest point but on the other hand each knock back that I come back from feels like a little victory because I didn't give up. If I keep coming back for more then the thought of being on the receiving end of a hit from Cherry, Godjilla or Mon doesn't seem too scary ;) I must admit when I heard that there will be try outs for the next H*A*R*D intake it raised up some thoughts I've been having for a while. Am I wasting a spot in our league? Could it be put to better use by someone who will actually progress quicker instead of being stuck in the same position that I am?

Last Saturday night, Homebush was the place to be for roller derby goodness unless you headed to Canberra to watch their bout :) My favourite team The D'viants won against WSR but it went to the last jam and could have gone either way. Unfortunately SAS lost to the Beauty school knockouts :( I loved watching the tactics and how the blockers would help their jammer out by taking out or pushing away the opposing blockers so that the jammer could get passed. I learnt new things like the no pack move at the start of the jam to get the jammers started right away instead of waiting for all the blockers to go passed the pivot line. Since I do the time keeping duties at scrimmage practise I caught out the time keeper at the bout blowing the jammer whistle too early a few times. I love bouts they're so educational and fun to watch.

Lastly my training sessions with Suzie are going ok I think. I'm barely surviving the sessions with her at the gym, she's a hard arse but it's what I need for my lazy arse. I've made a few changes to what I eat and drink, add in my roller derby training and sessions at the gym and it all equals to weight loss unless I've already broken the new scales. I beat the first weight target Suzie set me by 1.3 kg's and I'm well on track to get passed the lose 4kg's in 6 weeks target she set me a few weeks ago. I can't see any real change to my body shape but it all heaps. By the time I reach all my weight and fitness goals I won't be such an easybeat on the derby track so if you're going to hit me it better be a good one ;)

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