Monday, September 2, 2013

I so didn't see that coming...

To say I was shitting bricks about my latest knee injury was a massive understatement. I was in more pain with this injury than my last one which kept me off skates for nearly 3 months. For the first few nights I was waking up during the night in pain. Although I looked stupid attempting to try to bend my knee in a proper walking motion, I was sort of walking albeit painfully by Wednesday arvo.

I headed into the physio expecting the worst outcome. It did hurt a bit when she worked on my knee but it wasn't excrutiating thankfully. I finally asked her the question I had been dreading since I injured it on Sunday 'Was this injury going to keep me out as long as my previous knee injury?' To my shock she said no. It was a different injury to the previous one. She said my MCL felt intact but that I had probably torn fibres in the surrounding tissue of the MCL from the fall. This sort of injury should only keep me off skates for a couple of weeks. I trust my physio but I was wondering if she had smoked crack when she told me that because I still couldn't walk properly. The solution was I had to work on bending my knee, so it was basically grit your teeth and walk through the pain barrier, as much as it has sucked it has helped because I'm moving more freely and in less pain.

If all goes well with my physio on Thursday I may be back on skates this week! If you told me that last Sunday I wouldn't have believed you but there you go maybe I'm finally having some good fortune with derby so there's still a chance I might get to fulfill those derby goals of mine by the end of the year! My biggest fear? By the time I eventually get to interleague level all my favourite skaters will have probably retired from the sport. I'm hoping I can have a good solid run and work my up to the final testing level and push on and fight for a spot on the kazis.

These last two knee injuries I had was when I was working on drills with Cherry. In no way was it her fault, it was just a shit coincidence. She offered that maybe in the future we don't partner up in drills. I know she's only looking out for me but I flat out told her that wasn't happening. I won't take the easy way out. If I can't hack it at training then I sure as shit won't hack it in a bout. I've lost count of how many times I heard my team mates say that it's bit of a shock when they first started bouting interleague because skaters in other leagues don't hold back so I don't want to be caught out when I finally start bouting for the 'kazis.

After having a chat with my physio it finally sunk in that I'm going to be limited to what I can do. I had some great non-derby sports and exercises that I wanted to start getting into but my knee isn't going to cope with both derby and all these other things I had lined up which was pretty crushing because I love challenging myself and pushing myself to my limits to see what I can and can't do. Now it's just a matter of finding alternatives and hoping I enjoy them as much as my original plans. 

It's twitchy bum time. It's the NRDL home season final this Saturday. My Smashos have managed to go undefeated in the regular season and they're one win away from finally lifting up the trophy. Not only that, they're also announcing the winners of the Dames jackets. I've been told that I'm facing stiff competition for Jilla's jacket so now I'm feeling nervy about my bid. Hurry up Saturday and put me out of my misery! I'm finally setting aside some time for derby write up's so I aim to have three NRDL bout write up's to be done and uploaded on RDAU this week. I'm unsure if I'll do one for the grand final, it deserves to have a write up especially after the season that's unfolded but at the same time I want to go ape shit on the sidelines cheering on my team. Decisions, decisions. I found out that the Hellcats will be bouting S2D2 in a mini bout before the final. This feels so wrong but I will actually be cheering on the Hellcats only because they're bouting a non-NRDL team. Excuse me while I wash my mouth out with soap :)

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