Monday, December 13, 2010

Pain, pain go away

I have a new best friend and its name is Radox. I discovered this little gem after reading some roller derby magazines and some people recommended using it after training. For the most part it's working pretty good. For those of you involved in the stock market here's an inside tip: buy stocks in Radox because I have a feeling I'll be going through a lot of them over the next year hehe.

I broke my record and went skating 3 days in a row. I'm happy to say I feel a bit more confident on skates. The extra skating has bit of a downside; my body is freaking aching especially the arches of my feet and my lower back. I'll skate for a while, the pain comes so I sit down for a bit until it goes away, then start skating again and so the cycle continues. From the skaters I've spoken to and what I've read the best way to get rid of the pain in my feet is to keep skating. It should stop after a couple of months. Some other things I'll be doing are trying to lose some weight as I know all the extra weight doesn't help and turning to my friend Radox.

But enough complaining, I have some good news. Ness and I went skating on Saturday morning at the roller skating rink and not only do we find some other beginners we come across 2 skaters from the Western Sydney Rollers Lil Miss Payne and Pollywanna Hackher and I admit I'm a little starstruck. When I grow up I want to be a good blocker just like them. Jammer's may get all the glory but blockers are where the action is! My aim is to become a mobile brick wall, none shall pass (due to my big backside hehe). I'd love to one day take on Suzy Pow who is the best jammer I've seen in the few bouts I've been to. Anyway back to reality...Ness and I get talking to the other beginners and tell us about the next intake for fresh meat (beginners course for roller derby) in January. Lil Miss Payne makes her way over and asks us if we're interested in joining, I have to control myself from almost screaming out HELL YES! So we get told to meet up with her on Sunday to fill out the forms which we ended up doing. So from the 11th January we'll officially be fresh meat! Even better the 3 girls we met on Saturday will also be starting on the same date.

I'm excited and nervous as at the same time but it's given my something to focus on. So in preparation of getting my backside kicked on the 11th January I'll be skating in the morning's before work then hitting the gym at night. I'm also doing lots of squats, lunges and balancing on one leg to get used to one day doing a crossover. The easy part was signing up, now the hard work and pain really begins.  

Listening to Silverstein. 

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