Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Words of wisdom

It's been a pretty good week overall, I've learnt some things and this is what they were:

First up Vanessa and I went for our weekly roller skating session at Emu Plains and we bump into Ivy again which was cool. Both Ness and I are getting more comfortable on skates which is good but no doubt we'll get a reality check when we start the fresh meat course and realise how much we need to learn hehe. Without being too cocky I started weaving between the little kids like a jammer would (more like how I imagined they would) and didn't stack it or injure any kids which was a plus. I tried skating in the proper derby stance and yep it's still a killer on your legs and backside. My feet of course started hurting again but the pain wasn't as bad as it has been in the past so I'm hoping this is a sign that the pain will start decreasing with each skating session. We also came across a husband and wife who were decked out in all the proper safety gear. The husband gave me my first good bit of advice for the week - I was wearing my wrist guards the wrong way around. Feeling like bit a goose I swapped them around and would you believe it they fit so much better! For those who don't know the correct way to wear your wrist guards it's like this

This past week I've exercised almost daily which is a major improvement for me. I've hit the gym to do more cardio and weights and some jogging outside. I took onboard some advice my cousin Mark gave me when I first started all this - set yourself an hour each day to do some training or skating or basically anything to do with getting into roller derby. make sure you do it EVERY DAY and after about 2 or 3 weeks you wont even think about having to do it, you will just do it :) Funnily enough the more I exercise the more I want to do it so I think he may be onto something. One thing I've noticed is the brief attempts at jogging I've had so far have been quite enjoyable once I get over gasping for air by the end of it. I put my iPod on and switch off from the world for a bit. The more running I do the more helpful it'll be for both indoor soccer and roller derby. Mark sent me some podcast links on going from the couch to running 5km's. I'm going to give it a go, I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Thanks to Mark I now have another goal, this one won't be until 2012 but something tells me I'll need that long to be ready for this. Mark's doing the Warrior Dash in 2011. It looks tough but also a load of fun, it reminds me of that cool show Gladiators that used to be on TV

My last bit of advice comes courtesy of GodJilla Sold Separately a kick arse blocker from the Newcastle Roller Derby League. When I went to my first roller derby bout she was in the side that versed the Western Sydney Rollers. Unfortunately they hammered the WSR's but I didn't forget GodJilla or her partner in crime The Cramp. They were brilliant in defence knocking the WSR's down like bowling pins while protecting their jammer from the WSR blockers. I sent GodJilla a message and after gushing like a little fangirl I asked her for some advice and she was cool enough to give me some so here it is:

The best tips I can give anyone is:
- falling is a good thing, you a pushing your limits
- have your skates on as much as possible - balance is everything
- abuse what you got - learn your centre of gravity and smash everyone elses

I'm also the queen of cheap talk - love the intimidation (nothing mean, just a bit of 'is that all you got').

I'm sure you will be fab, but don't put yourself into a box. Every good blocker can jam - Every good Jammer can block.
So there you have it folks, hopefully there was some useful bits in there. Until next time, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas :)

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