Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crisis of faith/A call for action

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years, here's hoping for a good 2011.

This post is a double header as various things have happened the last couple of weeks which went something like this (those who watched Puddle Lane as a kid will appreciate this)

My best friend Chris and I went down to Callala for our annual getaway. I was taking regular walks on the beach. I also improvised and tried some roller derby related training - I would charge into oncoming waves and imagine they were opposition blockers or jammers. I quickly learnt by lifting my arms too high I exposed my rib area and it hurt when the waves hit that area, so there's a lesson to take out onto the roller derby track - keep your arms down and protect your rib cage.

As the 11th January approaches I'm becoming more a nervous wreck and it's annoying me. I guess it's mostly down to the fact that it becomes real. There's 20 of us starting the freshmeat course so there will be people at various levels, I'm just worried I'll be left behind while everyone progresses onto the star levels, hell I can't even do crossovers yet. I really want to pass the same time as my sister, Ivy and Jo. My lack of fitness will be a huge stumbling block. I think I need to calm down and see how the first training session goes (hopefully I don't break anything!)

To combat my nerves I've done a few things over the past fortnight. Firstly I printed up some pics of some of my favourite skaters and picturing bouting against them in the future as motivation. I'm fixing up the board in my room and putting up the pics and other bits of derby tips and requirements as a checklist. It gives me something to focus on. I've also created a weekly exercise planner so that I've got some direction, the good thing is that I'm sticking to it although I must admit I lost the last two days as I was catching up on the 4th season of Brothers and Sisters which was naughty of me hehe.

During the holiday break Vanessa and I managed to get 3 solid days of skating practise. It was actually pretty productive as I can feel my skating is improving. The little kids skating at the centre have actually proved to be helpful, they're excellent for weaving around which is good practise for those wanting to be jammers (unless you're Ness and you just plough into the back of them!). Ness is great to skate with, she keeps going like a little Duracell bunny while I'm half dying and my feet are killing me so it makes me get up and skate more.

Until next time folks....

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