Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So much awesomeness that I can't even think of a decent title for this post.

What a crazy, action packed week in the world of roller derby. Friday night I strapped on my skates for the first time in two months to test my ankle out, only problem was I psyched myself out so much that I couldn't get my backside off the bench and skate. Given my track record with injuries this year I was worried I'd skate and pick another one up. This last injury I picked up the same week I finally fixed my right ankle injury hence why I was so nervous this time around. I'm sitting on the bench and who comes my way but Cherry and here I was hoping I wouldn't be noticed that night. Despite my pleas as to why I couldn't skate she ignored them and even took it upon herself to strap my helmet up for me, I felt like such a child! She is extremely persistant and I realised I wasn't going to win so with shaking legs I got up and felt like Bambi, my legs weren't co-operating the way I wanted. I eventually felt more comfortable on skates and picked up on what I needed to work on again. I had another go on Sunday and tried t-stops and snow ploughs also and pulled up ok with no new pain in my ankle.

So it all came down to the physio on Monday night. She worked on my ankle and said it improved even more since my last session and it was good enough to get a clearance letter! YAY!!! She even told me to continue skating during our 'off season' to continue strengthening my ankle. I'm going to hit Skatel again on the weekends and I'll train by myself for the rest of our training sessions for the year getting myself up to the level I need to be so that I can hit the ground running next year and work my way to scrimmaging training and bouting by my birthday next year.

Perhaps I should warn my team mates now that I'm starting to go into 'Liverpool mode' more often when I skate. I've got bit of a Jeckyl and Hyde thing going on. Off skates I'm painfully shy, I struggle to go up to someone and talk to them. When I watch Liverpool play I'm a completely different person, I've hugged complete strangers in the pub when we won the FA Cup, I've almost stacked it over the barrier and onto the field when I was at Anfield when we scored. I even almost got into a fight with male Croatian supporters in Germany during the World Cup in 2006 when Australia played Croatia, my younger brother had to actually calm me down. The funny thing is my parents are from Croatia. I get on skates and I'm not scared of Cherry and getting hit by her in fact I look forward to it and try to give it back to her. I'd probably be the same with GodJilla. I know when I start scrimmaging I'll have no problem communicating in the pack, but get me off skates and I revert back again.

In other kick arse news we learnt the line up's for our intraleague teams next year. I found out I'll be assisting Santina on the bench on the Hellbombs team which is the Army themed team. The funny thing is that my sister is on the other team so I'll be plotting against her haha. Mon is in my team and would you believe so too is Cherry. True story a few night's before they announced the teams I actually had a dream that I somehow saw the team line up's on Facebook and saw I was on the same team as Cherry hehe. I've been spending my time reading the rules and getting as much info as possible on benching. It's going to be a cracking year next year and I can't wait for it to start!

The City vs Coast bouts, far out eh? I was bouncing off the walls by the time I got to the venue. I was so excited and I wasn't even bouting. It was the first time our league hosted a bout, we had help from some of the guys from SRDL and thanks to the excellent work from Sarah the whole thing went off without a hitch. It was cool being able to help set everything up and seeing how it all worked. Considering most of us were doing this for the first time, we all worked together really well and I think it came off pretty well. I got dubbed the Newcastle expert because Jeremy had trouble identifying which Newy players had arrived for the second bout and I was able to point them all out for him right away, maybe it's a sign I go to too many of their bouts ;) I discovered that RDAU wanted me to cover both bouts so it's the first time I've covered a double header. They should be on their site this week. I also discovered it's difficult to be impartial when you're trying to cover a bout featuring skaters from your own league. I think the whole thing went well and I was proud of the guys from HARD who bouted, especially those bouting for the first time. They did us all proud :) I'm going to do a special write up about the day, keep a look out for it :)

On a personal note I lost count of how many times I got lost for words that day. I had Aprilla say hi to me. Lady Quirkinator from Newy told me she liked the review I did on my blog for the Newy vs Adelaide bout. She's on the Fort Smashley side in Newy's intraleague side and I'm bit of a fan of hers so I was grinning on the inside talking to her. I had the Big Kahuna from Viva la derby call me by my derby name and tell me he liked my work and if I wanted he'd be happy to read my write up's on VLD. I also had Noms from VLD tell me she liked reading my blog. I just wow, I get lost for words when anyone comes up to me and says they like what I do and blush like crazy, yeah I'm pathetic :) The only annoying thing was I missed out on interviewing Booga from Newy for the second bout for the review. I struggle with the interview part when it comes to doing the reviews for RDAU because I'm so bloody shy. I also missed out on interviewing her at the last intraleague bout for Newy because I was too shy to go up to her. She's a real character on the track and is a really decent jammer even if she does play for the Harbour Hellcats ;) 

All in all I'd say it was a pretty successful week :)

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