Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Far out I can't put into words what I'm thinking because it's all jumbled so bare with me because this post might be all over the shop.

Like I've mentioned before I used this blog to keep me accountable and not quit if I thought it all got too hard, even if no one read it I KNEW it was on the internet. Safe to say it helped and I've now got derby running through my veins so quitting is no longer an option. Along the way people started reading my blog and telling me they actually liked it which surprised me because the majority of it was about my struggles with injury and trying to pass my Corporal test, it wasn't anything cool like bouting or learning some new skill. Its always made me laugh when I've had team mates or friend's happy that they got mentioned in my blog like it's a badge of honour or something :D I've even been lucky enough to have complete strangers (and ended up forming friendship's with them) come up to me and tell me they like my blog but I still can't figure out how they even came across my blog in the first place since the only place I link my posts is on my Facebook page. I just wanted to say once again a massive thanks to all of you who have read my blog, hopefully it hasn't been too crap :) At the same time the blog has also veered into different directions with me doing a couple of reviews and getting the chance to interview my skating idols.

You'll probably laugh and tell me I'm a bloody idiot but the main reason why I've debated on whether to pull the plug or not on this blog is fear. All the time I've spent off skates due to injury has allowed me to learn more about the sport whether it be hanging around Team White Tiger, doing this blog or writing reviews that I started getting worried that I would be one of those people who would know all the in's and out's of derby but I couldn't make the grade as a skater. With the year I've had on the sidelines I am DESPERATE to get out on the track, work my arse off and prove that I'm worthy of holding a spot down in the team and that I'm not just some permacrock. If that meant being selfish and not doing this blog or any more reviews for RDAU so that I could completely concentrate next year on getting myself where I needed to be on the track then so be it. I also knew that next year training was going to be a LOT tougher and more would be expected of me if I wanted to bout so I'd be spending a large chuck of the year pissed off and frustrated and that wouldn't make for interesting reading and that wasn't including picking up injuries in between which I hope with all my might that it doesn't happen because I think I've picked up enough injuries this year to last me a lifetime. 

This blog has served its purpose for its original intentions and with that there's no real need for me to continue with it. I was gobsmacked with the reaction I got from some of you when I suggested pulling the plug on this blog. I honestly thought this blog would disappear without a murmur, especially since it's not a big blog which I'm happy about because I never did this blog for popularity. I'm also surprised by the reaction I got with my 'controversial' post last night and getting positive feedback even if people didn't fully agree with my thoughts. It's looking less likely that someone will knee cap me on the track for thinking the way I do about the sport. All this also played a part in my decision. I hope you realise that there would be a lot of frustration and whinging in my posts if I continued blogging next year (shut up Cherry I know what you're thinking :P) If you guys are happy about reading that then I'll continue with my blog but I swear to god heaven help anyone who complains about it being too negative because I will personally come over and can open your arse to the floor, don't say I didn't warn you that'll it be shite :)        

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