Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who needs relationships when you have derby love?

In terms of skating there's not much to write about, the illness I picked up over the weekend has started to fade away so I'm hoping to start exercising again tomorrow morning. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm itching to get running again and take up bike riding too despite the fact I'm extremely unfit and it's going to be a massive challenge. Maybe just maybe I'll eventually get back to the fitness levels I used to be at when I was ONCE fit and actually slim.

A problem of mine is that I tend to overthink, for example with derby I can't just sit down and watch a bout anymore. In between cheering on one of the sides I'm looking at what tactics are being used, whether skaters have particular habits, successful partnerships on the track, whether sides deviate from the order their jammers go on the track etc. I love derby so I'm always looking at what new things I can learn so maybe it's a good problem to have. Inspired by Team Zebra member Kernel Panic from SRDL who has been known to wear a camera on his helmet in bouts so I've been wondering what it would be like to see a scrimmage or a bout from a skaters POV. Sure the footage might feel like you're in the middle of the Blair Witch project movie and you might not know what's going on but there's also the chance that it might give you a good insight into what a skater might see on the track and how it might make them react in certain situations. I still haven't scrimmaged yet but I'm guessing what spectators see from the sideline is different to how skaters on the track see the game. It could very well be a great educational tool and it's one I'm considering in investing in.

I've had bit of a revelation over the last few weeks and it's been a good one too. When I started off with roller derby the only person I really knew was my sister, so add in my extreme shyness and being surrounded by women with strong personalities well I was quite frankly shit scared. Doing this blog has helped a lot with me being a little less shy. The blog has also opened the door to a world of endless possibilities which far exceeded my expectations. I've gotten a permanent writing gig with RDAU and from that I'm now part of the Team Media group which is made up of GSTV, RDAU and VLD. How amazing is that? The more I get involved the more I start to find my voice again and the shyness disappears a little more. I've got no inhibitions when I'm watching Liverpool play or I'm on skates so I would to be like that in 'normal' life too. With this personal progress I've made so far it feels as though that I need derby as much as I want to play it if that makes sense.

It's a little over a week away until THE event to kick off the roller derby season, that's right folks it's the OMGWTFBBQ! hosted by the Team Media collective. It's already going to be kick arse with lots of derby folk expected to come along. Trust me you'll want to come down because there will be lots of excellent stuff planned :) In a beautiful example of why I love the roller derby community so much, there's been no shortage of offers to help especially Wayne from Derby Skates who has donated a load of stuff and the awesome Ghost Points who have donated the bread rolls for the day. If that's not enough Aprilla the hun from SRDL even suggested we head down to Skatel for a skate after the bbq, how awesome is that, the chance to skate with skaters that I've seen bout before! It's going to be a massive day/night, you don't want to miss out!

The roller derby community while it might feel a little intense when you first join a league you quickly learn that it really does feel like a big family and at the first sign of trouble you'll no doubt be able to call on an army to cover your back. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor people will help out as much as they can with time, resources or both if someone needs help. Despite knowing that it doesn't mean I still don't get amazed when something amazingly awesome happens. Around the same time I posted my last post I get a message from Apollonia Thunderpussy from SRDL on behalf of the guys at Ghost Points. She said she spent most of the weekend going through my entire blog, not only that she liked my blog too. In one of my older posts I said I wanted to do the Warrior Dash race and Thunder encouraged me to do it, not knowing that I just posted that I was going to do the race. Then came the moment I almost fell off my chair - she was inspired by my blog that she wanted to offer me the Ghost Points Warrior Dash shirt. Holy crap, I was still trying to get over the shock that someone who has already bouted could be inspired by someone who hasn't even scrimmaged yet when I read she wanted to offer me a shirt. I must have looked like a fish unblinking and just opening and closing my mouth with no words coming out haha It was such an amazing gesture and one that I'll never forget the rest of my life, and I know I've told her before but thank you so very much for your kind words and offering me a shirt :D I'm looking forward to sharing beers and turkey legs with them. Ohh and if she wasn't awesome enough she also sent me a youtube clip on lacing up correctly to give my ankles extra support!

Despite not skating, it's been a pretty amazing week! I can't wait to go to training this week, hopefully fully focussed :)

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