Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to school

There were a few developments this past week. I ordered myself some indoor wheels for rollerskating and they arrived today. This now means I can get some lessons on how to skate. There's an indoor roller skating rink in Penrith called Penrith Skatel which offer lessons on Saturday mornings and they have general skating sessions on the weekend so more time for practise and hopefully shed some of this extra weight I'm carrying. I admit I haven't skated outdoors since my first attempt due to the fact that a bit of fear crept in because I struggled so much with it. I went ice skating on Sunday arvo and I had no problems, for some reason I'm struggling with the roller skates. I didn't have any problem when I tried skating on the carpet in the house maybe learning to skate on bumpy concrete wasn't the easiest way to start off. I've decided to go to the roller skating rink this weekend and try my luck even if it means spending most of my time swapping between falling on my arse or holding onto the side walls for dear life to stop myself from falling on my arse. In fact I'm making it a goal to go at least one day a week to the roller skating rink to make a fool of myself practise :)

I came across a book called Kick the fat by Anne-Marie Millard and I have started going through it. She has some interesting ideas for example through away the scales and instead set yourself some goals like trying to fit into a particular item of clothing, you're more likely to notice that change than you will weighing yourself every week. The book is mainly based on incorporating kick boxing related exercises into your weight loss program which interests me as I love taking boxing classes. My quest for roller derby greatness goes hand in hand with my goal to shift my excess weight. Believe it or not you need to be an athlete to be involved with roller derby, sure there's women of all shapes and sizes but roller derby involves pacing yourself but getting ready to sprint plus knocking down your opponents and helping your own team mates out while looking after yourself. I'm trying to vary my exercise so that way my whole body gets a workout which I think will be more beneficial in the long run. I've been buying Women's Health magazines, I've got various books, I've downloaded training and exercise tips from roller derby skaters to the point it's a bit of information overload so I'm trying to sort it all out to get an initial training plan and modify it as required. 

Right now one of my biggest problems is minimising my addiction to junk food and soft drink. I curse the day I ever heard of Macca's, Coke and Red Bull. Sure it's good that I'm exercising more now but any benefits disappear from all the unhealthy food and drink I'm consuming. Yeah I know everything in moderation but I've developed this habit over many years that I'm really struggling with combating it. Oh self-discipline where are you? I've long since discovered you're not hiding in the wrapper of a Mars bar.

I've come to realise that if I want to make it into roller derby I need to develop some aggression. Wait a second have I looked in the mirror? Yeah I may look kinda tough but I'm a big softy under all that body fat. Take for instance all the years I've played football/soccer I've never received a yellow or red card in my life. Up until recently I've continuously apologised to people on field if I've accidently injured them if they were unfortunate enough to stand in front of the goal when I've taken a shot. I'm not saying I want to become a dirty player who illegally hacks down opposition players, maybe I need to develop bit of a hit or be hit attitude and not feel so bad about it.

One last thing a big thanks to my cousin Mark, he's been kind enough to give me some advice with goals and motivation. I got the idea to do this blog after shamelessly stealing getting inspired by his own blog 4minmark It was indeed quite inspiring. The amount of running he does each week makes me tired just thinking about it. Being Mark of course his blogs are also quite funny so check them out they make for interesting viewing.

Listening to My Chemical Romance.

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