Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roll with it

Welcome to the latest update on this hot and humid night.

The skates, helmet and other various pads and mouthguard I ordered have arrived in the post. It's really happening! I swapped the indoor wheels (which are a lot harder and grippier for smooth surfaces) for outdoor wheels (which are softer and absorb the bumps on concrete/asphalt a lot better). Being a Liverpool supporter I naturally selected red coloured wheels hehe

I also decided to decorate my helmet. If you were cool enough to grow up in 80's and 90's you would probably know about the Garbage Gang Kids (or Garbage Pail Kids if you're from the US or UK). I found a sticker that'll probably best sum me up while I'm getting the hang of roller skating, allow me to introduce Pat Splat

I haven't had a chance to try skating outside yet, I'm hoping to have a go on Tuesday night after work. I've had a go in the house it was alright overall, there were a couple of times where I overbalanced but no stacks yet! I'm trying to get used to stopping with the toe brake I feel as though I'm going to stack it when I try to do it as motion is carrying me forward.

I've been reading up on the official rules and what the minimum skills required are and it has really highlighted how much I need to learn before this dream becomes a reality. They say it can take a couple of years before you're ready to bout, now I can see they're not kidding.

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