Monday, November 1, 2010

So what's this roller derby lark?

Hello and welcome to the latest installment. I haven't posted for a few days but it's not because I've given up but I was getting things ready for our Halloween party which turned out pretty well, tiring but it was lots of fun.

Right now I'm focusing on losing some weight and gaining some fitness before I hit the skates (you have to walk before you can run and all those cliques). I've gotten in touch with my old personal trainer Joe and I'm having some PT sessions with him each week. I had 3 last week, they left me so knackered I couldn't lift my arms up for a few days, trying to wash my hair or answer the phone at work was interesting to say the least. Part of me is finding it annoying because I've been inactive for so long my fitness has gone to the crapper so it's so hard doing various bits of exercise that I used to do so easily. Using this blog has brought out my competitive hate to lose streak so I don't want to fail.

In relation to the heading what is roller derby? Contrary to popular belief it's not just women crashing into each other while wearing roller skates. If you ever get the chance to watch a bout live you'll see it's quite tactical, you're trying to help your team score points while at the same time preventing your opponents from scoring, it's a good mixture of attack and defence. Here's a video that briefly shows what roller derby is all about The basics of flat track roller derby Pretty interesting eh?

I'm off to get ready, I have an indoor soccer match tonight.

Listening to various old school theme songs

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