Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello to the one or two people who actually read my blog haha. It has certainly been an interesting weekend. First off my sister and I took my dad to the roller derby on Saturday night and he actually loved it! He even said he wants to go watch more bouts. It was pretty cool seeing tactics played out but I suppose most people are interested in the big hits and equally big stacks and both sides didn't disappoint. Twice players ended up crashing into the crowd and one skater lost one of her front wheels twice during separate jams and had to go off for running repairs. It's great fun to watch and I highly recommend going to see a bout.

Next up I lived up to my promise and went to the indoor roller skating centre in Emu Plains yesterday morning. I won't lie I was crapping myself thinking how many stacks I'd possibly have. I get there and there's lots of little kids roller skating. To make matters worse none of them had any safety gear on whereas I had the full kit and was the tallest and oldest one about to hit the rink. I thought bugger it all roller derby skaters have to start somewhere. Some kids stare at me while I put all my gear on and I think to myself 'Keep staring and I'll deliberately fall on you when I get on the rink'. Yeah I know I'm shocking. While I'm getting the courage to get up and skate a lady about my age sits next to me and she has the same brand and coloured helmet as me. I ask her if she does roller derby and she said yeah she's fresh meat (the term given to beginners of roller derby). We have bit of a chat and as we get ready to skate she says she hopes she doesn't stack it, I tell her I hope I don't break anything haha. I get up and go, so far so good, I stop every few meters and grab to the walls which are waist height. I'm extremely pleased to say I didn't stack it all during that session YAY! Anna was cool to give me some pointers while we were skating. The only downside was after a while my feet were killing me. I'd sit down let the pain go away, skate some more then it would come back. Anna said it's quite common and takes a couple of weeks until your feet adjust to the skates. So I'll have to grin it and bare it for a while.

An amazing thing happened though during my first proper roller skating session. It was like some injected me with great enthusiasm. I can't explain it, I think maybe because I didn't fall and got a bit more comfortable with it the longer I skated that it triggered something in me that makes me want to skate every waking moment, hit the gym more just so I make this dream a reality.

I've decided to tackle a real weak spot of mine and inject more running into my exercise. My goal is to be able to run more than a few meters without feeling as though I've just run a marathon. I want to be able to last indoor soccer and my boxing classes without fading fast in the first few minutes. Plus it'll help me with roller derby so bonus points for that. I've decided to try and get up early before work and hit the park near my house. For some reason I can't get this image out of my head when I picture myself running in the park:

Ahh you've got to love Rocky!

Until next time...

Currently listening to songs I'm planning on putting on my iPod for my morning runs.

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  1. Hey ya Sylv!!

    Good to hear you are going to get some running in :) check out the couch to 5k running program from Coolrunnings, i done it and it really helped!! you can even download each week as a podcast that tells you when to walk and when to run and gives you a bit of motivation.... Keep up the good work and let me know when the next derby is on so i can come along :) Cheers! MK