Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reality strikes (damn you)

Rightio so I went to the gym tonight for my PT session with Joe and we're doing leg work so squats and hitting various leg machines. I'm thinking this is going to leave me walking like an old lady tomorrow but it's all good as it's perfect training for roller derby or so I thought. Problem is that my body has developed this amazing trait over the years, if I start getting back into any form of exercise it starts thinking 'what the hell are you doing to me you should be at home lying on the couch watching TV, I'll fix you up' and then some injury occurs. Well tonight not once but twice, first while doing squats with a metal bar on my shoulder blades I could feel pain in my lower back so Joe gets me to something else which takes the pressure off my back. Then when we hit the leg machines I feel this sharp pain in my left hamstring possibly from overstretching it.

At this stage I'm getting pissed off as my body once again turns against me. I'm also annoyed because I can't keep up with the other guy who is training with me which is irrational since Joe has been training him for five months and he's lighter than me. This is usually the part where I'll start making excuses and begin missing classes until I eventually stop going and get lazy again and so the cycle repeats itself. Problem is I can't do it so easily this time because by publicly humiliating myself with this blog it means I'll look like an even bigger idiot if I stop now. So it's time to suck it up and continue on.

It's also highlighted the fact that although I can picture it my head finally making it in roller derby it's also shown how far I've got to go before the dream becomes a reality.   

Oh and to add insult to injury my sneakers have died so I need to buy a new pair tomorrow. : (

Here's to hoping for a better day tomorrow, preferably with the news that I won a decent share in the lotto : )

Listening to my ipod on the random setting so it's all over the shop Weird Al to Explosions in the sky to Foo Fighters etc

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